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Lyceum Charter School is a tuition free elementary school open to all students eligible for NYC public schools.

We are located in Northern Manhattan district 6 and are enrolling Kg and 1st grade students for September 2020.


421 West 145th St. New York, NY 10031

Presently, the building is being used by another school.

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Creating Capable & Talented Language Diverse Students

We are a STEM focused Dual-Immersion Charter School teaching Spanish, Mandarin and English. Students will develop competence in Language, Mathematics and Science.





At Lyceum Charter School is to provide an emotionally and intellectually supportive K-5th dual-immersion, STEM focused learning environment, dedicated to student achievement by cultivating the best in each child.

Students will reach proficiency on NYS exams in ELA, Math and Science and proficiency in two languages by the end of elementary school. 

Our goal is a 21st century whole child model of education fostering: Language Arts Literacy, Numeracy and Math Literacy, Scientific Literacy, Computer literacy, Cultural and Civic Literacy.

Students are encouraged to be curious, creative and critical thinkers in our scholastically rigorous and emotionally inclusive school for all.

Our objective is every student will become Language Diverse, regardless of home language, by the end of 5th grade. 




Our academic program is centered on students’ thematic learning of Language Arts Literacy, including a STEM approach to Math and Science.

Our school design uses the most advanced thinking from Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Language Acquisition, Dual Language/Immersion, Inquiry and Active Learning approaches.

Through a balanced exposure of two languages and content taught in equal parts, students will learn to speak, read and write proficiently. Our goal is that all students will excel in Math and Science and think critically and creatively in two languages.

Through the incorporation of Teaching Tolerance, an anti-bias curriculum, our students will learn to be actively engaged global and civic citizens.


We are dedicated to helping families preserve home language and culture in the 2nd and 3rd generations. This strengthens our community and enhances our children’s prospects.

Highly qualified and compassionate teachers collaborate with parents and families to establish a strong and trusting community to ensure children reach their full scholastic potential.

As part of our commitment to recruiting exemplary teachers, we will cultivate relationships with NYC colleges to develop future staff.




Is comprised of a Board of Directors with over 200 years of combined experience in education at the School, District, State, and University levels. Our leadership team believes in a holistic education, centered on student learning through independent and group experiences. True discovery occurs from labor and learning.  Through our own diversity, we understand the importance of a curriculum that values culture, identity and inclusion. Students succeed when they have access to a comprehensive education that supports inquiry and encourages them to think critically and creatively in all subject areas. This is made possible when teachers have continuous access to professional development, allowing them to be innovative and to contribute new instructional advances




Is a Kindergarten through 12th grade charter school that reimagines the LAB school as a learning campus that thrives on creating community. In an effort to support the full spectrum of multilingual students in NYC, we envision our school to model Best Practices for dual-immersion, in which every child becomes a language diverse student, fluent in a new language. Through innovative public and private partnerships, we can push the frontier of urban education. We believe cost-sharing can provide services that are often eliminated, but are critical to learning.  In doing so, we encourage others to join our network of educators and community leaders. In keeping with our whole child approach, we are planning a fully developed sports component, a community center and library, and a partnership with Farm-to-Table community supported agriculture (CSA), as well as many other wonderful innovations.



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